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History 11

Final Project For your Final Project you may write a paper or create a PowerPoint presentation. To complete this project Choose one of the following t

Jewish Holy Days Worksheet

Part One Completethe template withinformation from Jewish Holy Days. Identify at least seven Jewish religiousholy days and place each holy day in the

The Holocaust

The Holocaust DIRECTIONS: What if anything do you think that the U.S should have done concerning the Holocaust? Do you think that the U.S. has the obl


PAPER TOPIC (choose one) 1. Isolationism vs. interventionism: After the U.S. established itself and secured its government it became a world power at

history 12

Please read:- Misa Chapter 2 - Richard W. Unger Dutch Herring Technology and International Trade in the Seventeenth CenturyThe Journal of Economic His
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