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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on power control for mobile phones Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Section II: Interference Constraints:
Assumptions and Symbols Used:
1. Number of users = N
2. Number of base stations = M
3. Transmitted power of user j = pj
4. Gain of user j to base k = hkj
5. Receiver noise at base station =
6. Signal to interference Ratio = SIR
The general interference constraints that apply to any system state that at a base station (k), a user receives a signal of power (hKjPj). At the same time, the user experiences an interference that can be denoted by ij hkipi + k.
Thus, the SIR of a user j at base station (k) and under the power vector (p) can be denoted as pjkj(p) where,
kj(p) = ——
ij hkipi + k
Section III: Minimum Power Assignment (MPA) Method:
The MPA is an iterative procedure and at each step, the user is assigned to the base station at which its SIR is optimized. We can analyze the MPA for two situations:
1. Continuous power adjustment
2. Discrete power adjustment
If we denote target SIR for a user by , then, the SIR constraint of a user following the MPA procedure can be denoted as:
pj I j MPA (p) = min k —
According to the MPA iteration, i.e. p (t +1) = I MPA( p(t)), the user is assigned to the base station where the power consumed by the mobile device to attain its target SIR i.e. is minimized. This iteration is applicable with the assumption that other users corresponding to the same base station are currently maintaining a fixed transmission power level.
We shall now examine the two cases where MPA is applicable in more detail.


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