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Fastenal: Losing its fast growth to Amazon Business? — CASE PAPER 1]         The paper mustbe between 5 – 8 pages in length. 12 Point Font. Double                       Spaced. 1″ margins all around.2]         You MUSTeither indent the first line of each paragraph –OR —            leave an extra space between each paragraph if you do not indent. 3]         You may use as many appendices as you wish — as long as you            refer to them in the paper. The appendices do NOT count as part            of the of text.  Appendices can be referred to as (see Table 1) or (Figure A).4]         I do take points off for typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors.            PROOFREAD — do not just run spell check. 5]         If you use additional material and do not cite it you will receive a failing grade. 6]        Put your name on the paperOther questions and issues please e-mail me. CASE ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS:Your paper must answer these questions 1]         Analyze the industry (NOT just Fastenal but the INDUSTRY) in which            Fastenal is operating using Porter’s Five Forces Model (In Chapter 4 of the text             and the PowerPoint Slides for External Environment)2]         Does Fastenal have a sustainable competitive advantage over other brick and            mortar industrial suppliers?3]         Does Fastenal have any competitive advantage over Amazon Business that            could help protect Fastenal’s business against Amazon in the near future?4]         Based on your analysis of Fastenal’s competitive advantage over Amazon            Business, should Fastenal opt for a particular strategy?            (For example: Low Cost? Differentiation?) Why?  Be specific.5]         Will Amazon Business threaten Fastenal’s position in the industrial supply            industry in the long run? What competitive strategies can Fastenal use to            preserve its advantages?


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